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We at hutchie are trying to find out what has happened to all our former players even if you never made the big time that wont matter
Do you have a story to tell us from your time at the club and what you are doing NOW?
Get in touch e-mail the club This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. nothing will be put on the site without your consent,
 It’s good for the younger players at the club to see how you got on please get in touch. 
Our Seventeenth  PlayerMark Connet 

Well....well....well!!!' Hutchison vale
for me has it all. I joined the kids school at 6 years old
 and played under some greats, Derek mcoll, tam smith, rikki
graham I just managed 10 years service to the club, not
 bad!  I was fortunate enough to play for rangers and st
 Johnstone at under 13-14 level as well. my grandad jimmy
 Stanton is still there as a coach, legend! I had the
 pleasure of playing along side some pros today, Kevin
Thomson, Steve Whittaker, riordon, and against a lot of now
 pro's too. all great memories and wish them all well. the
standards that hutchie set had an effect on me forever,
 discipline, professionalism and attitude, all these ethos
 are all still part of me now. I am now a royal marine
 commando and have served 8 years and served all over the
 world. Married to ria with two girls Maria and Maia.
 footballing wise, represented the royal marines and royal
 navy hundreds of times. Have played junior football in the
 west for maryhill, and have played in the lower leagues in
 England, have had offers to play in conference but the mrs
 won't let me!!! family now come first for me now so am taken
a back seat and completing my fa level 2 coaching badge, but
 no matter where I go or play football, hutchie are always in
 my mind as they set the standard for me not just footballing
 wise but life wise as well, for all those lads pulling on
that black and yellow strip ware it with pride and be proud
 to represent not one of the best teams in Britain but the
BEST team in Brittain!!!! All the best to you all...... Mark

Our Sixteenth  PlayerColin Campbell
As an ex-Hutchie player I was browsing your site and saw the list of former players who played senior football (the non-famous list!). I was disappointed that my name is not included! I played for Hutchison Vale between about 1972 - 1975 when I signed for Hibernian on a 2 year full time professional contract. Sadly that contract ended my senior career in 1977 although I played junior football for a few seasons thereafter. As a right back I was Under 16 Player of the Year in 1973-1974 and still have the trophy to prove it!

Are you able to include me in the Senior list? It would a lot to me and also my late father who also played for the club in the original "Ma Bryson" days about which he used to talk affectionately. 

Our fithteenth  PlayerJason Smith

I played for Hutchison Vale for 5 season starting off at under 8s and 9s then returning to the club at under 16s playing through till my 19s season. In that time we won the league at under 17s. I had a fantastic time at Hutchison Vale, playing under good coaches and players in a very welcoming and competitive environment. During my time at Hutchie I began doing my coaches badges and I now hold a full time coaching position working in America, with Red Star Soccer Academy in California. I have been in America for 3 years now. I previously had worked for both Raith Rovers and Cowdenbeath youth academy's before moving to America. 

Our fourteenth  PlayerDavid Gilfillan

Hello there!my name is David gilfillan and I played for Hutchie from 88-90 with u16-u18s. We had a very good bunch of lads that included Steven tweed,Stevie Taylor(who lived near me and we went to the Saturday games sometimes. Great guy!)Stephen parry,Jamie,Clark(goalie and centre forward!), Derek McGovern.And more.we won a lot of cups and the league,and can't remember losing many games at all!. Dougie Allan was one of the managers for the u16s and was a very likeable man.I'm from leith but now live in the mountains just outside Madrid.I have been a panelbeater for over 20 years now and I'm not involved in football anymore but still have the game in my blood!great times with Hutchie.short but sweet!!

 Our thirteenth  PlayerTom Irving
I played for hutchison vale 92's for two years- under 13's and 14's. In our first season we were unbeaten and only drew two games. We won something like 7 trophies including the scottish cup. In our under 14's season we lost a few players to initiative level but still managed to get to the semi of the scottish cup, win the league and the majority of the other cups. Right now i'm currently living in America. After going on to play at initiative level and for other Edinburgh clubs I decided to go on a "soccer" scholarship to america. I have just graduated university and have played across a vast amount of the united states after attending three different universities in maine, georgia and nebraska. I'm just preparing now to move to Charlotte North Carolina and begin life as a fitness coach/personal trainer!


Our Twelfth Player Euen Grant 

Euen is now playing centre half for Cockburn City, All Flags State Division 1, Western Australia.  Today they won Division 1, with one game in hand.  Next season they will be promoted to the Premier Division.  Please pass on the news to Euens old Hutchi coach Colin Grierson, Raymie Carr, Tam Smith and all who knew him.
Many thanks
Johan Grant ( his mum)

 Our Eleventh Player Hugh Small
My name is Hugh Small, I lived in Hutchison Medway, later moved to Hutchison View. The Bryson's lived in Hutchison Avenue as did Tommy Younger, Billie MacFarlane lived in Hutchison Road. I was 15 years old when Ma and Pa Bryson came to my house and said they were going to start an Under 17 Team which they named Hutchison Vale "A"
They asked me to play for the Vale and I gratefully accepted. I had known the Bryson's for a long time, and had really admired the Hutchison Vale Under 21 Team. This was early in 1944. Tommy Younger and I had also been friends and were going to play together for Hutchison Vale "A". The Hutchison Vale "A" Strip was blue and white hoops. I am not positive about the reason for the Blue and White Hoops, as opposed to the Vale Black and Gold, but I suspect it was because of the Wartime restrictions and rationing of clothing,and also maybe the Hoops were the only strips the Bryson's could get their hands on at this time. I played for Hutchison Vale Teams from 1944-1949 when I signed for Musselburgh Athletic Junior Football Team. The Bryson's and I traveled to Olive Bank Ground that night and I played Centre-Forward for the Athletics. I had the good fortune to score five goals in my debut, including a penalty kick which the Athletic Captain insisted that I take. I signed for the Athletics after the game and I played for them until I enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1950. I was born in the U.S. so I was an American Citizen by Birth. I had a great four years with Hutchie in the Under 17's and Under 21's. We collected our share of Silverware during these seasons, and I was twice selected for the Edinburgh Select Teams in our league, and I was also out with Heart of Midlothian Teams twice in the Flood Benefit Games of 1949.
I met up with Tommy Younger again in Berlin, Germany, where we both served our countries.
Our Tenth Player Philip Black

The Seventies saw the re emergence of Hutchison Vale as a force in the Edinburgh area. The driving force behind the club's ambition was Jackie Landels and in 1970 the club began to use the Army hall in Chesser Avenue to train. At this time a number of teams were established from Under 14 to 18 to take part in the Edinburgh leagues and with considerable success.

By 1971 the Under 14 team won the Edinburgh Northern League beating Edina Hibs 3 - 1 in the final at St Marks Park. The under 14 played their home matches on Sundays at Pinkhill at the end of the old railway line across from the Zoo. The following season brought even more success to the team, winning the Edinburgh Boys Clubs Cup by defeating Crossroads in the final at Saughton Enclosure before going on to beat King Street Dynamos in the Scottish cup final by 3 goals to nil.

At this time the club had moved to Ford's Road with members beginning to take part in a wider range of sports. In season 1971/72 Hutchison Vale was the top club in the Edinburgh Union of Boys Clubs with members playing a prominent role in the Edinburgh Unions triple title success in the SABC Athletics championships.

By the mid seventies the club had established an association with the Tartan boys Club and were given access to improved facilities at the Scottish and Newcastle brewery.

Our Ninth Player Alex Barclay
Hello to my ex team mates and coaches.
 I played for Hutchie in the mid to late 80s and had a great time the coaches were Tam Smith who i believe is still at hutchie after all these years and still producing players at professional level, Ian Flockhart who helped out and finally Paddy Dolan who a don't think you will find a better coach .We one plenty of silverware and produced a few players at senior level my Jambo mate Gary Locke, Darren Dodds wh plays for Dundee Utd and Alan Morgan who is at Partick thistle.
myself i was at hibs until 16 when i was released I then went down to Crystal Palace at 17 got offered a 1 year contract but turned it down. after that I signed for Cowdenbeath for 3 years breaking into there first team under Paddy Dolan again before going to junior league with Arniston Rangers for 2 years then giving the game up at the young age of 22 due to partying and girls so a bit of advice for youngsters don't make the mistakes i made.
Our Eighth Player Stuart McLaughlin

I played for and against hutchie and have to admit it was a lot easier playing for .. i played from under 10`s to under 15`s . 1993 i think . i remember Alan Lucas and Derek McColl coming to my house to sign me at end of the under 10s season my season with Portobello had finished . i played 3 matches in that season a Scottish semi a league decider then a Scottish final . wow . the big matches came yr after yr under the guidance of ricki , merc and bob banerman  . 3 Scottish cups . 4 leagues . 1,243 cups . ha-ha not really but there was loads . the highlight of course was the Gothia cup our team went 3 times losing in semi in yr 1 and 2 then winning it at 3rd attempt great experience . in the 5 yrs i played with some fantastic players who have gone on to do very well .the stick out for me would have to be Steven McLean this guy was special if not for some horrific injuries he would be at the highest level for sure . i  signed  an s form at hibs  but when left school it didn’t work out with them and after spells with st mirren cowdenbeath and then Berwick by the time under 21s came and i realised its not gonna happen so i played for Edina hibs i nearly came back to hutchie then with my good friend Raymond Carr and to be fair everytime i saw him he tried to get me along even when i was on the pitch playing them , but thats  raymie . we used to have some great battles think 1 yr we played each other 8 times in 1 season 5 of them finals am not kidding . most memorable was e o s cup 6-6 we won on pens . they are still talking about that match in Dunbar .. after 21`s i went to Lothian thistle for 3 seasons then on to preston ath ... NOW i live in Australia on the famous gold coast and what a place it is .. i still play soccer (ha-ha)  for Nerang eagles ( what a name ) and loving it the seasons are much shorter march to aug and that suits me gives me plenty time to hit the beach .. i have nothing but good memories playing at hutchie and would love to turn the clocks back and do it all again i met some fantastic guys involved with the club players and coaches . if any of the young boys are reading this you are at THE BEST BOYS CLUB IN SCOTLAND . make the most of it .. good luck

Our seventh Player Andy Weyzig

I played for Hutchie u14s and u15s in the late 1980s before going on to sign

"s" forms with Hibs. I remember the team going off to Canada to play in a

summer competition. We got beat in the final but it was amazing being away

for 10 days. My career ended when I was 17 and I fell off a moped while on

holiday in Corfu :( My kneecap shattered and that was the end of that.

Players in our team were, Peter Cormack (son of the Hibs legend) Graeme Love

(think he went on to play for Hibs and junior football) Ian Little (still

playing for Berwick) and Alan Combe (Killie keeper)

Im now coaching youth football in Linlithgow and its gone full circle as we

have been drawn against Hutchie in the first round of the Scottish this


Our sixth Player Gordon Ferguson
My name is Goron Ferguson i played for Hutchie Vale in the years 1986-1988 what a great time it was and have some good memories of trips away to different places.
I played when John Collins was in the U16 team and he has made a name for himself at senior football.
I did not move onto playing in Scotland but i did move to the state at 21 and went to college.
I played on a 4 year football scholarship it was a blast.
Now since i love the game so much run my own soccer Academy.
Please keep in touch and it is great to hear what has gone on since i was there.
All the best.
Gordon Ferguson

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 Our fifth player Steven Kerr
I played for Hutchie from about 1984-1989, and returned for a very brief spell in 1991. It involved a lot of travelling for my parents and me as I was a Borders laddie, but it was worth every minute to be part of such a successful side. We won the Scottish 3 times in a row as well as the league a number of times and too many cups to mention. I remember our main rivals at the time were Captain's Cabin, but we had the upper hand over them virtually every time! Our captain was Gary Locke (whatever happened to that guy eh?!) and our coaches were Ian Flockhart (whose son Stevie was also our right-back), Paddy Dolan and the legendary Tam Smith! In fact, I think we were the first Hutchie team that Tam was involved in. I remember how much more "professional" our approach was to games compared to other teams were. We had to wear shirts and ties to games, and we even had a regular club magazine called "The Hutchie Hotline" that Tam edited, with match reports etc!
Unfortunately, despite spells with Rangers and Hibs while I was at Hutchie, eventually I never got any further than East of Scotland level, but today I still play amateur football in the Borders, although I'm living in Musselburgh with the wife now, so I'm travelling in the opposite direction to play my football these days!
Only thing I can say to the guys for Hutchie now is that I'm jealous of you! You're playing for the best juvenile club in Scotland, so make sure you enjoy it cos it'll all be over too soon! All the best.
Stevie Kerr
Now our forth player Graham Chapman
Just like to say what an honour it was to have played for hutchie vale.Not only did i play for the best and biggest boys club in scotland but i was lucky enough to have captained the club from 1993-96. I won many medals including 2 leagues and 2 scottish cups,but my biggest achievement has to have been picked for the A.S.Y.F.C. Tam,wee jimmy and harry were great guys to play under and if it was,nt for these guys plus the players we had i would have never achieved this success. Trips to sweden to the gothia cups were great and i still have great memorys from my time at the club. I went on to play for Cowdenbeith,Musselburgh ath,Tranent juniors,Dunbar utd,Preston ath and Whitehill welfare, all the best Big Chappie
Now our third folks Paul Winnik
I Played with Hutchie under 16's in '92 and loved every minute of it. We had a great manager in Tam Smith and what a great set of players as well. I'm constantly praising the club and would love to be back playing again. Opted to play with mates after Hutchie as no big offers came along ha-ha! and finished up playing amateurs with a local team. I've 2 lovely kids, a boy 4 and girl 8. Met a few faces over the years Brian Hancock and Chris Mcarthur to mention 2. Ive worked as a Carding Engineer, currently in bookbinding and am training in Desktop Support of which im now Microsoft Certified. Good Luck in the future!!
Now our second folks Gary McClelland 
 I played with Hutchie from 1967 through to 1977, the team I played for were very successful among the players were Derek Strickland, Stuart Cibbes, David Larter, Derek Nielson and Gordon Leitch. Rab Dunn and Dougie Allan were 2 of our coaches. I was on an S form with Rangers when I was with Hutchie and after finishing at Under 18 level moved to play East of Scotland with Craigroyston, Whitehill Welfare and Civil Service Strollers. Once I stopped playing I used to help out Jimmy Stanton at the kids school as my son used to go along. Currently I am the manager of Spartans Under 19's who play in the East of Scotland Youth League.
Our first former player to get in touch is GARETH HANNAH
I joined the under 14 team in 1990 & played up to under 16
the dream of being a footballer never quite happened so for the last 14 years i have been a mechanic still playing amateur football on a sunday and training with a saturday team to keep fit cant manage to play on a saturday due to work and watching my wee boy play but still enjoying it i think its a bug you never lose still get flashes of days gone by but no quite got the stamina i used to have it was my dad that put me onto the web site it looks brilliant takes me back to my time at the club times i will never forget see a few of the old faces are still at the club im sure all of the players you have now are enjoying their football as much as i did thanks for replying to my e mail keep up the good work
cheers gareth

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